xfce4 panel inappropriate content (tic-tac-toe game)

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xfce4 panel inappropriate content (tic-tac-toe game)

Postby Shawnturner » Fri Dec 01, 2017 6:26 am

Hi there

I'm trying to remove the ability to play the hidden game in xfce4-panel. I've looked absolutely everywhere and am drawing a blank.
As it is, xfce4-panel has an 'About' item with a 'Credits' section, with a game of Tic-tac-toe in the form of an easter egg.
Right click on the panel, you get a context menu with the name of the panel item at the top (example Launcher or Separator) and 'Panel >' at the bottom. Clicking 'Panel' reveals second level, which contains 'Log Out', 'Help' and 'About' options. Click 'About', then the 'Credits' button, then click the bottom item and a window pops open with the game inside.

I'm trying to remove this as it's inappropriate for the desired application of the computer.
I'd like to customise (or just flat out remove) the ability for the user to right click the xfce4-panel. If not, I'd settle for being able to remove the items from the 'Panel' menu.
All suggestions welcome


more details:

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